Refugee-Immigrant outreach

Local Refugee Outreach

After Living in the Middle East, Qatar, for eleven years, and since relocating to North Carolina in July 2016, the Arab Heritage Learning has been friends with local families from Syria, helping them in their everyday life settings by accompanying them to schools for their children’s enrollments, meeting with their high schools deans and college specialists to facilitate refugee students transfers, parent-teacher conferences, hospitals, medical checkups, delivery rooms, dentists, ongoing interpreting by phones and face-to-face. The Arab Heritage Learning has been helping refugee families with investigating and filling out paperwork at US governmental and non-governmental institutions, including attorney’s offices, banks, rental offices, and food stamp applications.

Arab Heritage Learning has also been teaching functional English literacy and ESL to refugee friends in private classes, at the Islamic Association of Raleigh, and in everyday life settings. The Arab Heritage Learning continues to help local refugee families in their every day life situations, especially that they are faced with the language barrier to go about their daily needs.

Witnessing the daily needs and struggles of local refugee friends, Samia Touati, AHL founder being an immigrant herself, established the Arab Heritage Learning which calls for collaborations with the continuously supportive West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, Outreach at the Islamic Association of Raleigh, Apex Mosque to hold Interfaith International Food Fairs – IIFF in which Refugee women prepare traditional foods. Every penny raised goes directly to support their families.

Intercultural Interfaith Events created and organized by Samia Touati of Arab Heritage Learning, Raleigh in collaboration with Beth Harris and Kathrine Rick-Miller of the West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, Raleigh. 

Fifth Intercultural Interfaith Food Fair 5th IIFF November 20, 2018. Arab Refugees and Immigrants Re-Imagined, stories of emigration to the United States, guest speaker Samia Touati, invited by the West Raleigh Presbyterian. A collaboration between Arab Heritage Learning, Community UCC, Fairmont UMC, Holy Trinity Lutheran, Pullen Memorial Baptist, West Raleigh Presbyterian. Hosted at the Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Fourth Intercultural Interfaith Food Fair, 4th IIFF May 13, 2018. A collaboration between Arab Heritage Learning, Apex Mosque and West Raleigh Presbyterian Church. Hosted in Apex Mosque, Apex, North Carolina.

Third International Interfaith Food Fair, 3rd IIFF April 7, 2018. Hosted at the Fellowship Hall, West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Second International Interfaith Food Fair, 2nd IIFF, 2018. Hosted at the Hall of the West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, North Carolina.

First International Interfaith Food Fair, May 20, 2017. Hosted at the Courtyard of the West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, North Carolina.